Swimming with Whale Sharks in Mexico


If you’ve read Part 1 of my Mexico adventure, you might remember that I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to creatures of the sea. Well a week into our trip we were heading to an area near Holbox early in the morning to go and swim with Whale Sharks in the deep blue sea. Only two days before this I was acting like a complete ninny because a fish the size of my hand was brushing past my leg so this was a B.I.G deal.

I remember that I had mixed feelings as we bumped over the waves on the speedboat. One part of me was charged with excitement and the other half of me was absolutely terrified. If it wasn’t for Sarah, I’m honestly not sure I would have went through with it so I’m glad she gave me that little nudge that I needed.

Can you see the shadow?

Can you see the shadow?

Hello beautiful :)

Hello beautiful :)

We saw some dolphins too!

We saw some dolphins too!


I did it! There’s no photographic evidence of me having a cup of tea with them but it’s all up in my little noggin…or well, it’s a vague memory due to being so overwhelmed at the time. It’s hard to describe how it feels to be beside something quite so majestic. I was scared and that feeling didn’t disappear but I was really proud of myself for facing something that really challenged me. As for Sarah, she could have been swimming with a goldfish she was so unafraid! I admire that :)

If you want to change your life, you must first change your mind.

So yeah, go and swim with whale sharks and tick it off your bucket list :)

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Quack quack: Duck Village

I was going through some of my older photos when I came across a few from a short visit to Duck Village so I thought that I would share.

Firstly you should know that It’s not your typical tourist attraction.

I found a few reviews before writing this which summed the place up as a bit ‘weird’ and all I can say to that is, well…esthetically, yes I suppose it’s not your average home for ducks but it’s a home nonetheless and since quirky is my thing, I quite like it.


A hanging teddy bear adorns one section… I guess the ducks like it?

Duck village is a little area set up on Manoel Island in Gzira and from what I can tell is run entirely on charitable donations.


As well as ducks, it’s also the home to a few cats, chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs all of which seem content with their lives.


Why not go and check this little haven out whilst you’re in the Sliema/Gzira area? Buy some bread from a local shop and go and feed our little quacky friends (don’t forget the bunnies and guinea pigs too!). There’s also a box to leave a little donation.

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