That time in Mexico: Part 2

Mexico was jam-packed with adventurous times! When we weren’t relaxing on the beach with a plate of nachos, we were off trying out something different.

About a week into our trip we took a ride on the fastest speedboat I’ve ever been on. It was so much fun but a word of warning for the ladies…best not to just go in just a bikini top, I ended up without mine at one point! Fortunately no one noticed but it did leave me red-faced – oops!


We ended up on this beautiful little island called Akumal where we did lots of snorkeling and got to see loads of different species of fish such as parrot fish and barracuda. We also saw some squid and got to observe the beautiful turtles too, of course keeping our distance so as not to disturb them in their environment.


Beautiful Akumal

Our journey into Coba was fantastic. We canoed (badly), ziplined across a river, rapelled into a cenote and trekked through the jungle. It’s probably the closest I will ever feel to being Lara Croft! (A much less graceful version).



Swimming with Whale Sharks in Mexico


If you’ve read Part 1 of my Mexico adventure, you might remember that I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to creatures of the sea. Well a week into our trip we were heading to an area near Holbox early in the morning to go and swim with Whale Sharks in the deep blue sea. Only two days before this I was acting like a complete ninny because a fish the size of my hand was brushing past my leg so this was a B.I.G deal.

I remember that I had mixed feelings as we bumped over the waves on the speedboat. One part of me was charged with excitement and the other half of me was absolutely terrified. If it wasn’t for Sarah, I’m honestly not sure I would have went through with it so I’m glad she gave me that little nudge that I needed.

Can you see the shadow?

Can you see the shadow?

Hello beautiful :)

Hello beautiful :)

We saw some dolphins too!

We saw some dolphins too!


I did it! There’s no photographic evidence of me having a cup of tea with them but it’s all up in my little noggin…or well, it’s a vague memory due to being so overwhelmed at the time. It’s hard to describe how it feels to be beside something quite so majestic. I was scared and that feeling didn’t disappear but I was really proud of myself for facing something that really challenged me. As for Sarah, she could have been swimming with a goldfish she was so unafraid! I admire that :)

If you want to change your life, you must first change your mind.

So yeah, go and swim with whale sharks and tick it off your bucket list :)

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That time in Mexico: Part 1

Twenty feels like a lifetime ago now. So many new experiences have enriched my life since then and still I look back at Mexico and remember what an amazing time I had with my childhood friend, Sarah.

It was the first ‘big’ holiday I had ever had and we had booked one of those all-inclusive (and exclusively touristy) packages to Playa Del Carmen, described as one of the hippest places in the Yucatan Peninsula. I vaguely remember arriving and Sarah having to tip the entire contents of her luggage out at the airport before we could proceed any further…do blonde people look more dodgy? It was morning when we left the UK and it was early morning when we arrived in Mexico. We decided to head straight for the beach and relax; although the jet lag wasn’t much of an issue it was still going to be a longer day than usual.


After settling down a bit, we decided to take a look at the excursions. By the end of the first day we had booked a considerable amount of tours – the operators must have loved us!

Here are some of the places we went and activities we did:

Tulum – Built between the 13th-15th century, Tulum, formerly known as Zama meaning City of Dawn stands tall on the edge of a cliff along the east coast facing the Caribbean Sea. In its heyday it was an important hub for trade particularly in turquoise and jade. It’s also one of the few Mayan cities protected by a wall. The word Tulum itself is the Mayan word for fence, wall or trench. There’s a couple of theories for why the city was surrounded by a wall – most obvious (to me at least) would be to protect the area from invasion. The second theory is that only the high and mighty ones (priests and nobility) could reside within the walls. The peasants were left outside.

If you like history, you should go ahead and check this beauty out. Word of warning though, it gets incredibly hot and humid so be sure to bring a sun hat and plenty of water!

Isla Mujeres aka Island of Women If I remember correctly, we took the catamaran here! It was lots of fun and we got to do a bit of snorkeling in the middle of the luscious turquoise sea While we were swimming the weather turned pretty dark and ominous and the currents were pretty strong so I was quite worried that I wouldn’t make it back!

Xel-Ha – A natural aquarium park full of attractions for everyone. You’ll get the opportunity to come up close and personal with many different species of fishy’s. Before going here I pretty much pooed myself (please don’t take this literally) when in the vicinity of fish. When you’re in the water at Xel-Ha, there’s pretty much no escape! Let’s just say I’m a lot more confident these days. As well as snorkeling, there’s also tubing and so many other activities. You can click here to be directed to their site. I recommend it!

In my next post about Mexico, we’ll be swimming with Whale Sharks!

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