There’s something a little mystical about walking through an ancient city in the middle of a vast jungle (especially one which name means ‘waters stirred by the wind’).

Coba was probably built between 600-900 AD and was said to have been an important trading post and commercial link between the cities. It is about 80 square kilometers and remains in great condition with very little reconstruction.


There are some really interesting ruins that have been excavated here so it’s a definite must see if you visit this side of Mexico; in fact I preferred it to Tulum. Unfortunately I didn’t get to visit Chichen Itza due to an unfortunate event but from what I’ve heard, Coba was the ancient ruin not to be missed!


Nohoch Mul

Nohoch Mul is the star of the show. Literally translated as ‘big mound’ it rises 42 meters high (higher than El Castillo at Chichen Itza) and to this day you can still climb to the top. I won’t lie, I wasn’t the fittest of people when I went to Mexico so I struggled a little bit but it was mostly due to clumsiness and the uneven steps! The view from above is pretty spectacular and like me, you’ll probably be left in awe. It’s pretty cool to see ant like people below you and to be higher than the trees without the use of a plane.


Excuse my dopey face!

As well as temple pyramids you may spot a ball court or two. Games were an important part of the Mayan society and most cities would have had one. The Mayans did nothing the easy way like us today…they used their hips and elbows to put a rubber ball through a hoop. In Coba the hoops are placed on slanted walls allowing the players to get close to the hoop. Human sacrifice was part of these games and there are varying theories about who would have been sacrificed. Archaeologists are unsure whether it would have been the losing team who would have been sacrificed or the winning team who would have been proud to lose their lives and join the Gods they worshipped. Perhaps it was both at different points in civilisation?

DSCF8060 DSCF8066

Have fun exploring!


That time in Mexico: Part 2

Mexico was jam-packed with adventurous times! When we weren’t relaxing on the beach with a plate of nachos, we were off trying out something different.

About a week into our trip we took a ride on the fastest speedboat I’ve ever been on. It was so much fun but a word of warning for the ladies…best not to just go in just a bikini top, I ended up without mine at one point! Fortunately no one noticed but it did leave me red-faced – oops!


We ended up on this beautiful little island called Akumal where we did lots of snorkeling and got to see loads of different species of fish such as parrot fish and barracuda. We also saw some squid and got to observe the beautiful turtles too, of course keeping our distance so as not to disturb them in their environment.


Beautiful Akumal

Our journey into Coba was fantastic. We canoed (badly), ziplined across a river, rapelled into a cenote and trekked through the jungle. It’s probably the closest I will ever feel to being Lara Croft! (A much less graceful version).