China – Part VI

Day 5 – Mutianyu


So Wednesday was the last day of our trekking. We had an early wake up at 6:30am to reach the last part of the wall. It took us about 50 minutes to reach the wall and when we arrived it was still relatively quiet and uncrowded. To reach the wall itself we first had to walk up a hill which was lined with market sellers. We then had to walk up 700 steps to reach the start of our walk. My energy had returned and I was so ready to go! The walk was about 10km in total and our final destination was the Stairway to Heaven which was another 700 steep stairs to the top. Walking up was tough but I had the determination to finish.

Some of the 700 steps to the actual starting point of our trek!

Some of the 700 steps to the actual starting point of our trek!


Everyone in good spirits!

Everyone was  in good spirits!

That's where we're headed...

That’s where we’re headed…

Yep, it was pretty steep!

Yep, it was pretty steep!

The beautiful autumn colours <3

The beautiful autumn colours <3

The last 10-15 steps were the most difficult and the steepest. Hearing the other six who had reached the top chanting my name and clapping just brought so much happiness. I can’t really describe the sense of achievement that I felt to complete the trek – no shortcuts. I was and am honestly so proud of myself. Two years ago, if I had told anyone that I was going to trek the Great Wall they would probably have laughed at me. Now I’ve done something to also make my family proud of me (If you’re reading this, I know you will say you already were :p).

We did it!

We did it!

Once everyone had reached the top it was time to go back down again. There was the choice to use the cable car or walk back down. At first I was thinking I would just take the cable car because it would be a different experience, but after speaking to Kim I was convinced into walking back down. I don’t think that I would have felt quite the same about finishing if it wasn’t for her. It was Kim, Mandy, Richard and I who walked basically together for the rest of the way. When we reached the bottom Kim gave me a big hug and that’s when I knew that I had really completed the journey.
For lunch we had Subway! I was happy for the change from having Chinese every day. Afterwards we were taken to a Jade Factory to part ways with our money. I can’t remember much of the information that was given except that we were told that 80% of jade comes from China, which I had no idea about. The statues and ornaments were beautiful and ornate.
In the evening we were driven to our next hotel which was The Holiday Inn Express in the city of Beijing. I can’t express how nice it was to have a proper shower with power! Not to mention the lovely comfy bed.

This was the end of an unforgettable trek, but not the end of the trip!



2 thoughts on “China – Part VI

  1. Congrats on making it! I was impressed the first time I went to Mutianyu by how many steps there were before even getting onto the Mutianyu wall… and then, of course, there’s a whole lot more steps once there! I was tempted to take the gondola up and ride the slide back down, but never did…

    And, of course, the beer is totally expensive on the wall, but also totally worth it. Happy travels!

    • Hey, thanks! Yeah the amount of steps just getting to the wall was a little overwhelming! I had thought about taking the slide back down too but I just felt that my legs should finish the job for me :) Hope you had a great time too!

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