China – Part II & III

What a day! Our wake up call was at 6:30am…lovely! Mind you, I woke up at 6am by myself.  By 8am we set off for our first big day. Our first trek started at the Badaling section of the wall which is a section that is rarely visited by tourists so we were basically the only ones there. I’m not going to give a full account but I will say this – the steps are deceiving. You turn a corner and find another flight, it was never-ending! Oh and for the entire five hours that we walked for, I think only about fifteen minutes in total of those were on a straight path.

The wind was insane. At one it caught me by surprise and I almost fell but luckily Kim grabbed hold of me. With the wind so bad we had to get as low to the ground as possible. There was a section where there was no wall on either side of us so we ended up going down on our bums which was quite funny.

Our lovely group before the trek began!
We encountered some interesting signs along the way.
Literally having to hold on for fear of the wind blowing me backwards!
The majority of the section that we walked was un-renovated.

The trek was tough but beautiful.
Going down was almost as tough as the upward climb because it was so steep. My poor toes!
I have to say that it was the most challenging experience of my life and it’s only the first day! I ache like crazy which concerns me about tomorrow but hopefully I’ll be fine.
Good night!

Day 2 – Black Dragon National Park

16.10.11 – 06:45am
Just woke up about 15 minutes ago. I’ve been waking up and stretching my legs all night in preparation for the day ahead. Today we’ll be at the Black Dragon National Pool and it’s supposed to be an easier but much longer trek. I just hope that my legs cope!
We’re staying at the Impressions lodge and one thing I’ve noticed since we arrived yesterday is that there’s some kind of thumping sound throughout the lodge. It’s literally going ‘Boom, boom, boom’ all the time like a heartbeat. I think it must be some kind of pump. Anyway, we just had our wake up call so it’s time to get ready.
Day 2 of trekking over! Today was a 10km trek which lasted 5 ½ – 6 hours. The park was beautiful. We trekked through a large amount of forested areas with a few difficulties on the way.  It definitely did not feel as tough as yesterday but it’s still very rewarding to have completed the whole day because I don’t think I’ve ever actually trekked this kind of distance in one go! I’m not as unfit as I thought I was!

We’ve also learned the Chinese hand signs from 1-10 so that we can communicate with the hotel staff a bit easier.


8 thoughts on “China – Part II & III

  1. Awwww brings back such amazing memories.. Seems like ages ago now but won’t ever forget it.. What a great group of people, love you guys xxx

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