Sometimes you just need to take the leap

I’ve spent a lot of hours thinking about taking off and seeing the world. What’s stopped me? Probably all the excuses in the book.

No money. I want to concentrate on my job. I want to buy a place. I want to move abroad. I’m afraid of getting murdered with a machete. I’m in a relationship where we don’t want the same things. I don’t have anyone to go with. Did I mention no money?

In the last quarter of 2012 I found myself with nothing left to lose. Not in the sense that I didn’t care if I lived or died, but that I had run out of excuses. Okay, I still had no one to go with but that wasn’t going to stop me anymore. I made a serious decision in my heart and mind that this was what I wanted to do and I wasn’t going to let anything stop me.

I decided to give myself one year to save up enough money. I decided where I wanted to go and for how long and I worked out my budget and how much I could definitely save.

So here I am now and I’m so looking forward to the journey ahead. Even the planning and researching gives me butterflies! I know it’s not all going to be sunshine and cupcakes (or possibly any cupcakes for that matter). I’m aware I’ll probably get Delhi belly, feel lost and alone and feel absolutely overwhelmed especially after living inside the bubble known as Malta; but I can’t wait to stick a pin in the bubble and hear it ‘pop’. It’s going to be one hell of a ride!


                                                                                       Source: via Richgeana on Pinterest


5 thoughts on “Sometimes you just need to take the leap

  1. I know we may have put a bit off preasure on you because of our doubs, but I want you to know that we are as proud of you for what you are going to do,as we are afraid :-) xxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Thanks Dad : ) I’m grateful for all the support you and mum always give me and of course I understand your reservations but life is for living and following dreams xxxxxx

    • Thanks Hannah ; ) Looking forward to catching up with you when you’re back from India, would love to have some tips and I can imagine you have a few stories!

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