We Live in a Beautiful World

When I was younger my Mum told me something that stuck.

She said ‘Don’t get married, just travel the world’. I guess I knew just how significant that advice would be because I’ve remembered it til this day. It was only when I was eighteen that I travelled anywhere other than to Malta for our family holidays though. I’m half Maltese so we used to visit my mums half of the family during the summer.

The first country I travelled to was Ireland. Not the most exotic of locations but it was absolutely beautiful and is probably still one of my favourite countries. I’ll definitely go there again when the opportunity arises. It feels like a lifetime ago but that journey opened my eyes to just how incredible the world really is and that around every corner is a new story, a new set of colours, a new scenery, a new world. It’s also the country which sparked my love for photography.

I guess I have a lot to thank you for Ireland ❤


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